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Even though it is commonly said and heard that it's your dissertation that is the toughest academic paper in the world, the reality is that it's your dissertation proposal that's the toughest academic paper in the world. Yes…Proposal is tougher than dissertation.

The reason why it's tougher than dissertation is that it demands 100% originality. It requires a topic or problem that no one in the world has ever explored before. Finding such a problem is a very hectic task because you will have to do an extensive research to find a practical problem. If you can't find a problem that you can resolve, you can't move on to the next stage, i.e. dissertation writing, and consequently you will not get your degree.

When you find a problem that you can explore in your dissertation proposal, you have to make sure that there is actually ample matter out there, because if you can't find enough material you will never be able to finish your proposal or dissertation. This is why you must make sure that you do not get stuck due to lack of information.

Research is an important part of your dissertation proposal because if you can't do research, you can't find a topic. As a result, you can't work on this task. This is why you must be prepared to go through numerous sources to find a good topic for your proposal.

When you find a problem, it's not guaranteed that your supervisor will like it. There are some problems that are not really significant and if you don't explore them then it's completely OK. So, you need to look out for problems that are significant and must be resolved. Only then you will be able to make your supervisor happy and proceed forward in an effective manner.

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