Terms & Conditions

We are here to help our clients get legitimate help with dissertation writing. Therefore, we recommend all our clients to thoroughly go through each and every clause mentioned in the Terms and Conditions to get familiarised with our policy. By subscribing to our services, you show your content with the conditions as prescribed below:

Use of Service

True Dissertation Help is a premium dissertation service that offers its assistance in research and referencing activities of a dissertation. However, it never supports plagiarism and piracy in any form and, therefore, it strictly warns its clients against resorting to any such activities.

Our team consists of capable and experienced researchers and writers who know the industry practices to create a dissertation paper. Therefore, you will get only superior-quality papers meeting with the highest standards of academic writing industry.

The contract between True Dissertation Help and the client will be applicable at the time of order placement and it will be inapplicable after the final payment.

We create a paper by closely following instructions of the client. However, if a client observes any discrepancy in final draft of the paper, the client must inform it to the company within two weeks.

The company strongly advices every client to give complete details about a paper while placing the order form. If a client forgets to provide any critical information, the client still has a chance to provide it by contacting to our Customer Support Representatives.

Cancellation Policy

True Dissertation Help has no policy of cancelling an order on the basis of topic or deadline. Nonetheless, it reserves right to cancel an order when there are strong reasons to affect completion of a paper. Therefore, we can cancel an order when:

  • We lack the right creative and technical team to complete a paper on the given frame of time
  • We are not confident about execution of a paper due to the deadline
  • The client intentionally or unintentionally commits breach of contract

NOTE: If True Dissertation Help revokes an order after receiving payment from the client, the company will then be under legal obligation to refund money to the client.

Privacy Policy

Private Information of Clients

All clients are requested to give their personal information to us that include their name, email address and phone number. In the event that a client is not at ease with sharing the name, the client must assume a pseudo name. However, the client must inform us about original email ID and phone number since we cannot process an order without such vital information. It is our responsibility to ensure that personal information of the client remains in the safest layers of security.

Use of Private Information of Clients

True Dissertation Help takes into consideration the client's private information to communicate with them over various aspects of a paper. Moreover, we utilise private information of the clients to introduce them to our new services, special discount offers and promotional events etc. We are responsible for protecting client's information from proliferation and propagation to any third party.

In the event, when a client is reluctant to share any of the mentioned details, the client can withdraw from our services. We will then erase their entire data from our database forever.

Use of Internet-Based Information

We regularly track cookies of our visitors to get crucial information in regards to performance of our web pages. This is a tactical process that helps us analyze web pages with high bounce rate. In this way, we are able to identify web pages with low performances so that we can tweak them according to preferences of our clients.

NOTE: It is at discretion of a client to block this feature by turning off the cookies. However, it must be remembered that disabling the cookies will make many resources of our website ineffective for visitors.

Refund Policy

In the event a client finds issues with a dissertation event after availing 7 set of revisions, the client must communicate the matter to us. It will be at our discretion to either:

Reassign the paper to an academic writer that we think compatible for the job


Repay the money to the client


True Dissertation Help does not entertain refund applications that cite insignificant delays or unimportant mistakes as reason for refund. Since such issues are not major mistakes, we do not offer any refund in this regard.

If credit card of a client is wrongly charged multiple times, we will pay back the remaining amount to the client without any delay.

Delivery Agreement

The company is under obligation to deliver a dissertation on the given date and time as provided by the student.
If we do not provide a dissertation on the mentioned deadline, we will offer refund to the client for his loss of time.

We never charge any additional fee for delivery of dissertation

24/7 Customer Support Service

True Dissertation Help facilitates queries of clients with help of its responsive Customer Support Facility.
The company employs a team of professional, diligent and experienced staff to facilitate clients with their queries.

Zero Plagiarism Policy

We pledges that every paper created by True Dissertation Help is 100% unique and original

For satisfaction of clients, we incorporate a detailed plagiarism report while sending the order

NOTE: The rules mentioned in the above 'Terms & Conditions' are meant to be changed as per policy. The clients will be informed about any changes as they are approved by the company.